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Virtual Machine Company's groundbreaking Virtualization Appliance embeds Check Point VPN-1 VE security

Removes final barrier to virtualization of enterprise-wide, tier-one computing. This is a new and unique offering

June 29, 2010 Cambridge, UK

The Virtual Machine Company1 has begun offering Check Point Software Technologies VPN-1 VE security as an option on its pre-configured Virtualization Appliances. This is a new and unique development that, the company believes, overcomes the last remaining barrier to widespread adoption of virtualization of enterprise-wide, tier-one computing.

The Virtual Machine Company's Hyper-Dense Virtualization appliances can now be pre-secured as well as being pre-configured and fully-supported.

Until now, virtualization security has tended to flounder in muddy waters between product delivery and security specialisms. Security value added resellers (VARs) have been healthily skeptical of virtualization, avoiding mainstream involvement. Virtualization VARs, meanwhile, have been ambivalent about security, either not fully addressing it or inappropriately patching it into existing security infrastructure.

Virtual Machine Company CEO, Steve Barnett, said:

In spite of analyst predictions that over half of the millions of servers sold in the next couple of years will be used for virtualization, there has been a justifiable skepticism amongst savvy IT managers about enterprise-wide, tier-one virtualization. By adding Check Point security to our virtualization appliances we have driven the business case for virtualizing everyday computing onto no-brainer territory.

1About the virtual Machine Company

Based in Cambridge, UK, the Virtual Machine company offers its customers a unique combination of networking and security expertise, disciplined virtualization planning and management software, and ready-to-rack-and-roll virtual server appliances with meaningful 24/7 support and a 50-percent longer supported lifespan than industry-standard servers. The Virtual Machine Company was founded by former European managing director of Check Point Software Technologies, Steve Barnett.