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Hyper-Dense virtualization –
Run more VMs faster with no loss of performance

Each Virtual Machine Company appliance is designed to run twice as many VMs, twice as fast and in half the power & cooling of the average commodity server. Ready to rack and roll in minutes this is a unique package that delivers huge benefits and savings right out of the box.

We have integrated our powerful Virtual Estate Manager™ Software with our powerful x86-64 based Virtualization Appliances to enable you to finally realize all of the long-promised benefits of enterprise-scale virtualization.


True Performance ChartRunning twice as many VMs means:

  • significantly lower hardware costs overall
  • radically reduced software licensing costs
  • Taking up less of that expensive data-centre space
  • huge cooling and energy savings
  • savings on network & storage infrastructure
    and associated support contracts
  • significantly smaller carbon footprint


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Hyper-Dense Virtualization Appliances™

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Virtual Estate Manager Software
Virtual Estate Manager™

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