Good news, bad news, good news

Virtualization saves space, power and money. It may even help to save polar bears and ice caps.

But security is the rain on the virtualization evangelists' parade. Cold realisation that virtual networks face similar–often more difficult to solve–security challenges to those confronting physical networks regularly dampens corporate enthusiasm for virtualization.

Good news: Virtual Machine Company Appliances are pre-secured
with Check Point VPN-1 VE™

This is unique and unprecedented as far as we know.

Do tell us if you know different.

Seasoned IT managers will be familiar with Check Point's well-deserved reputation for securing pubic and private network infrastructure all over the world. VMCo's embedding of this industrial strength security into its powerful, fully-supported appliances moves virtualization of enterprise-wide convincingly back onto "no-brainer" territory. Finance directors and spatially challenged, environmentally conscious datacentre manages can sleep a little easier. Reaction amongst polar bears may be harder to gauge.

You can read more about Check Point VPN-1 VE™ Security here.


Key benefits include:

  • Protects individual Virtual Machines and traffic between Virtual Machine on the same vSwitch
  • Maximum security granularity at the level of vSwitch, port group and Virtual Machine
  • Preserves Stateful Inspection during VMotion migration
  • Protects resources residing on virtual machines from external threats and threats from other virtual machines using the same advanced features as a physical Security Gateway
  • Protects against security breaches resulting from configuration errors
  • Enables growing enterprises to protect additional virtual network resources without additional hardware investment, maintenance, energy, and site costs
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Pre-configured virtual Security Gateway that is ready to use in just a few steps
  • Optimized performance for virtual environments


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