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Virtual Estate Manager™

Virtual Estate Manager monitors performance, manages capacity and enables disciplined and sustainable optimisation within and across datacentres. It combines hardware and hypervisor monitoring. It provides easy to use tools that enable you to visualise, monitor, manage and troubleshot your physical and virtual inventory. More than that, Virtual Estate Manager is smart.

Seasoned IT people will know that there are already number of tools you can buy and configure to combat what has become know as VM sprawl–unplanned Virtual Machines gobbling up memory and shared resources in your server pool.

We used and studied all of them before taking the technology to the next level. Better still, all of our Virtualization Appliances come pre-configured with our intelligent Virtual Estate Manager™ Software.

Virtual Estate Manager

  • identifies resource hogs
  • manages resources to facilitate increased VM density
  • identifies potential bottlenecks
  • continuously calculates available capacity
  • forecasts capacity top-out
  • proactively plans for maintenance and system upgrades
  • constantly monitors system as well as component health
  • provides easy on the eye console views
  • exports consistent and meaningful visual data
  • knows how and when to ask for support using SMS and email


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