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Hyper-Dense virtualization appliances

Hyper-Dense virtualization is about running even more workloads on even fewer machines, slashing the cost of data centre power & cooling even further and saving money on software licensing, support contracts and physical infrastructure.

Hyper-dense virtualization enables you to realize the fullest potential of virtualization. The Virtual Machine Company range of Hyper-Dense virtualization appliances deliver a tight, highly tuned integration of the worlds fastest commercially available server appliance and enterprise class hypervisors from VMware and Citrix; bringing the disciplines of high-performance computing to the world of data centre virtualization, enabling you to realize the full potential of Hyper-Dense virtualization right out-of-the-box.

World's most powerful and cost effective server virtualization appliances

At the Virtual Machine Company we design and create the world's most powerful and cost effective server virtualization appliances. Conceived from the initial formation of our company to deliver exceptional performance in the most energy efficient format achievable. Our unique hyper-dense virtualization appliances not only have the lowest power consumption of any machine in their class, but have the highest performance – delivering true mid-range performance in as little as 1U of rack space and they are the only virtualization appliances that can access the maximum data-rate across the full complement of DDR3 RAM installed.

When asked what that means in real terms one customer replied "simple, it means twice as much capacity in half the space, and, a massive saving in operational costs". Actually it goes beyond that initial saving as a Virtual Machine Company appliance based solution can typically be delivered on 40% less hardware, infrastructure and software licenses crunching your service delivery costs down even further.

The Virtual Machine Company Virtualization Appliance for VMware is 100% compatible with VMware's range of applications and tools making it easier to integrate into your existing environment.


Inspired by HPC we expel the myth that you can either have performance or you can have density but you cannot both. We specially select, build and tune our appliances from the highest quality hardware components to eradicate system contention, streamline & accelerate internal processes and improve the performance of network and storage IO. Key virtualization enablers are employed to accelerate the internal processes of the system; direct processor-to-memory access spreads process load across all available cores and memory, and by enabling VMs to directly manage virtual memory on-chip we are able to reduce switching overheads by up to 50% even for applications that demand the highest levels of user or process concurrence. Virtual Machine Company appliances are unique as they are designed up to a performance specification that meets your needs, not down to a price that meets our stockholders expectations.

Energy Efficiency & Computing Density – Space and power are valuable commodities, particularly within major cities. Virtual Machine Company Appliance packs a lot of virtualization punch into a small package, and while blades may offer greater core density, the Server Appliances small size, large memory capacity and multi-core capability delivers astonishing virtual machine density, slashing power bills and total cost of ownership.

With every component chosen to deliver energy efficiency without compromising performance; a standard 24 Core, 192Gb system delivers the performance of an HPC platform whilst consuming less than 307 W (1.43A) flat-out. Making the Virtual Machine Company Virtualization Appliance both the most powerful AND the most energy efficient machine in it's class.

Ease Of Deployment – Each Appliance is shipped with a ready to license turnkey setup, pre-installed hypervisor, and essential networking and storage configured. Virtual Machine Company partners offer an on-site installation service where certified engineers will fully integrate the appliance with your networking and storage before handing it over to in-house systems managers. Racked and rolling in just a few minutes your new server virtualization appliance will join your existing virtualization pool and quickly be ready to accept your business critical VMs.

Field Service & Support – Quality is a watchword for Virtual Machine Company but should an appliance suffer a hardware failure, systems have a 5-year next business day on-site contract available, upgradeable to 24 x 7 in geographies where that can realistically be achieved.


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The Virtual Machine Company Advantage

Faster, smaller & cheaper to run, without compromising performance. Virtual Machine Company bring the disciplines of High Performance Computing to Virtualization.

The worlds most powerful Server Virtualization Appliance

  • 100% compatible with VMware & Citrix Xenserver
  • Can be installed and accepting VMs in minutes
  • Can run twice the number of virtualized workloads
  • Is over 40% more energy efficient
  • Processes data 80-140% faster
  • Loads and switch VMs up to 100% faster
  • Software tools that protect & enhance your virtualization investment

VMC Virtualization Appliance that can:

  • Save at least a third on your annual power & cooling costs
  • More than double the number of users/workloads per rack
  • More than halve 3-year total cost of ownership
  • Slash the cost of software licensing and support conference
  • Optimise existing resources & forecast future system requirements

Need real performance?
Get 140% more!

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