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Here's a more formal feature list with less marketing:

  • The Worlds Fastest Server Virtualization Platform
  • Turnkey pre-Installed Hypervisor
  • 1U or 2U rack mount format Appliance
  • Best per VM price performance
  • Lowest available power consumption per VM
  • Scalable: grows as your requirements grow
  • Cool running and energy efficient
  • Virtual Estate management and capacity planning software included
  • Comprehensive support and service wrapper

Here's a PowerPointy list of business benefits:

  • Better price/performance than general-purpose servers
  • Up to 140% faster than commodity servers
  • Hardware acceleration increases VM density per Server Appliance
  • Smallest achievable format increases physical server density per rack
  • Denser computing means less network and storage infrastructure also less software licences
    and support agreements
  • Pre-installed hypervisor provides rapid turnkey deployment
  • Lower power consumption saves money & reduces carbon footprint and CRC exposure
  • Comprehensive service wrapper brings peace of mind

Still not convinced?

Below are some compelling words from one of our engineers about performance, scaling and upgradability, rack density, ease of deployment, and service and support. (But do remember that you can pick up the phone and talk to a sales engineer, too)

Inspired by HPC the outstanding performance of our Hyper-dense virtualization Appliances is a result of our careful selection, integration, benchmarking, configuration, and field-testing of industry standard components in a virtualized environment. Server vendors offer at least 40 x86 CPU variants, tens of motherboards, and hundreds of I/O options. Our engineers have identified the combination of components and settings that produce the best price/performance, reliability, and support for virtualization, and have worked with manufacturers to bring these together in one compact chassis. Additionally, there are a number of technologies that contribute to our superior performance and suitability for the task.

  • Memory Management Unit – Unlike some mainstream servers, the VM Box has a MMU integrated with its processor. This allows direct processor-to-memory access, a key performance enabler.
  • NestedPageTables – NPTs allow VMs to manage virtual memory directly, using on-chip resources, not software. This reduces the time required to switch between VMs by as much as 25%, allowing you to host larger numbers of them without wasting processor power.
  • Tagged Translation Lookaside Buffering – This feature allows more efficient switching between VMs. It means the VM Box will not 'bog down' when used to virtualize workloads which demand a high rate of context switching, such as Citrix Presentation Server, larger Java applications, and interactive multi-user systems with a high rate of concurrency.
  • Software acceleration – By tightly controlling the configuration of hardware and software, we have been able to tune the appliance to maximise performance gains and to develop our own software for accelerating in-box processes such as VM switching, process caching and virtual memory management.
  • In-box Scaling & Field Upgrades – The Virtual Server Appliance protects your capital investment with in-box scaling. No need to scrap the hardware every few years: our systems are designed to be field upgradeable, system update packs may be installed that will increase the power and performance of your existing Virtual Server Appliance, without affecting your warranty or support agreements. As core densities and RAM capacity increase, we promise to keep offering supported upgrades for your existing systems as long as it is possible to do so.
  • Rack Density & Environmental Focus – Space and power are valuable commodities, particularly within major cities. The VSC Appliance packs a lot of virtualization punch into a small package, and while blades may offer greater core density, the appliances small size, large memory capacity and multi-core capability delivers superior virtual machine density. As a diskless, single board appliance, with two of the world's most efficient fully redundant PSUs onboard burning just 307w (1.43A) flat out and absorbing a miserly 119w (0.6A) at idle, it is also cheaper to power and cool, and is fully RoHS compliant.
  • Ease Of Deployment – Each VSC Appliance is shipped with a turnkey setup, pre-installed hypervisor, and essential networking and storage configuration. Virtual Machine Company partners offer an on-site installation service where certified engineers will fully integrate the appliance with your networking and storage before handing it over to in-house systems managers. Racked and rolling in just a few minutes your new VSC appliance will join your existing virtualization pool and quickly be ready to accept your business critical VMs.
  • Field Service & Support – As a diskless single board appliance, with dual redundant PSUs, LAN adaptors, and dedicated management NIC, the Virtual Server Appliance is extremely reliable. When deployed as part of a pool or cluster in a virtualized environment, hardware failures do not result in significant VM downtime. Should the VSA suffer a hardware failure, all systems have a 5-year next business day on-site contracts or better available.


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