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VMC 1200 Series
Hyper-Dense virtualization appliance

Technical Specification ...

CPU 64-bit cores, 24 per node, 1,008 per cabinet*
Cache L1 64KB Data, 64KB Instruction per core. L2 512KB per core. L3 6MB
(shared by 4 cores), L3 24MB per node *
FLOPS 12-20 Teraflops per cabinet
CPU Interconnect Packet-based point-to-point
Main Memory Upto 384GB Registered ECC SDRAM per node, 16,128GB per cabinet*
Memory Bandwidth 85.6GB/s
Node Interconnect 2D Torus, Hub, Fat Tree, Gigabit Ethernet x8 bonded or singular
External I/O Interface Gigabit Ethernet x8, 10 Gigabit Ethernet(2), Fiber Channel(FC)(2), Infiniband(2)
Out of band management NIC
Local Storage Solid State 0.1ms read access time
Shared Storage Support iSCSI, Fiber Channel, NFS, SAN or NAS
File System LVM, VMFS, NFS
Administration Virtual Estate Manager (web GUI)
Hypervisor Management Console (XenCenter, vCenter)
Reliability Features Out of band management interface with 100Mb/s dedicated fabric
(Hardware) >20 system health measurement points per node
ECC Protected RAM with Chipkill™
CPU thermal protection
Redundant, variable-speed, axial fans with integrated pressure and temperature sensors
Redundant power supplies
(Software) Virtual Machine Company Infrastructure Management (web GUI)
Software High Availability for critical VMs(4)
Integrated Hypervisor Choice of VMware ESXi or ESX(6), Citrix XenServer Type-1 Hypervisors
Power Peak 307w (1.43A), Idle 119w (0.6A) per node (5)
Cooling Requirements Air cooled, air flow(5) 253 cfm per node; 5300 cfm per cabinet; intake: front; exhaust: back 84.3 CFM 53db (at max speed)
Dimensions 1U - Height 43mm, Width 437mm, Depth 709mm
Weight 18.1kg per node (gross)
Acoustic Noise Level 53dBA at 3.3 ft (1.0 m)
Regulatory Compliance RoHS, WEEE
Safety USA - UL listed, Canada - CUL listed, Germany - TUV Certified, EN 60950/IEC 60950-Compliant, CB Report, CCC Certification
Operating Environment 10°C to 35°C, 8% to 90% humidity (non-condensing)

(*) Assumes standard 42U Racks with sufficient power and cooling
(1) 24 cores per node and 504 per cabinet, November 2010
(2) Option
(4) At maximum speed setting
(5) Measurements at 240v
(6) Consult your VMware reseller for necessary licencing details


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